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138slots – Fantaslot : Site 303 Slots 4D Login Joker Gaming Indonesia | Fantaslot is a 303 pulse slot site that provides 4d login slot services with a trusted Indonesian joker gaming login account that’s easy to win today. Tergacor site which is very trusted and the newest in Indonesia. This site is a website that provides games or online gambling games that are played using real currencies such as Rupiah as a means of payment.

One of the highlights is the convenience for prospective members to register and gain access to the game. Because in practice, everything can be done online at once. One thing that needs to be prepared to register as a member of an online slot gambling site is personal data. Make sure you fill out the form correctly according to the existing conditions so that it can be processed immediately.

Fans of online slot gambling must try playing on the gacor slot site. The presence of online gambling facilities has received a warm welcome in Indonesia. Comparable to the rise of online games. Judging from the excitement, it’s the same, you can develop your talent for betting through a machine. Interestingly, there are thousands of choices of themes and characters that can be used as media to play slot gambling.

Don’t think about big capital to be able to win, now there are facilities to play only with a credit deposit. Of course, it has to be on a site that provides these facilities, not just any 138slots site. There are many online gambling sites that you can find via the internet. Each provides a different experience and advantage.

Until now, this credit deposit site has been accessed by many as the right capital to get lots of high profit values. The scale of winning on a trusted slot website is definitely different from other websites.

Playing games using real money as an ante is referred to as gambling or gambling behavior by betting something to get a bigger return or to lose the object at stake. In the country of Indonesia itself, gambling is a fairly common thing that is carried out by various levels of society, especially in areas outside the capital city where gambling is still rife and is carried out widely and openly.

Even though gambling or playing online casino is prohibited by the state in writing in the legislation, this does not make people’s interest in gambling less and less, instead it increases by relying on various methods, one of which is online gambling, which is now easier to access thanks to increasingly widespread, stable internet access. and fast and easy through smartphone applications or smart phones whose prices are getting cheaper and can be owned by all groups.


18 Choices of the Most Popular Online Slot Gambling Sites for 2022

Slot machine games that are played online in appearance and how to play are indeed able to attract public interest. From just trying to finally join the best slot gambling sites like FantaSlot.

In terms of providing this type of slot game, the online slot gambling site FantaSlot is not playing games. This is proven by the presence of various kinds of slot games from various well-known providers in the world. The various types of slot games that many members play are developed by providers whose reputation is worldwide.

Each provider has its own advantages that guarantee satisfaction for users when playing slots. In Indonesia alone there are at least 18 slot gambling providers who are trusted and well-known for the various types of slot games released. The eighteen most popular slot game providers in Indonesia include:

* Pragmatic Play

This is one of the well-known providers that presents hundreds of the best online slot gambling games in its class. Pragmatic Play is capable of creating a variety of slot games that focus on attractive and interactive graphical displays that are updated all the time. In addition, most of the virtual slot machines it has have quite high RTP values. In fact, the percentage is arguably the highest when compared to other providers, namely in the range of 96.51%. Some of the games that slots are often played include Aztec Gems, Sweet Bonanza, Joker Jewels, Wild West Gold, and other slot games. One more thing, this game variant from Pragmatic Play can also be played anytime and anywhere via Android and iOS-based smartphones. In essence, members who play slots from Pragmatic Play providers will feel a different and profitable playing sensation.

* Habanero Slots

The second provider that is no less popular among slot gambling players is Habanero. This provider is known as the creator of virtual slot machine games that are easy to win even with low bet values. The RTP rate offered is quite high, reaching 97%. In terms of innovating online slot gambling games, Habanero focuses on slot machines that are easy for users to play. In addition, the game is also equipped with sophisticated software but does not require a lot of internet data consumption. Habanero’s motto is to provide quality slot games that have world-class standards and international standards.

The uniqueness that is at the same time a distinct characteristic of each game created by this Habanero provider is its focus on the Chinese or Chinese Bamboo Curtain country genre. In addition, Habanero’s virtual slot machines are also available in various languages, including Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and others. One more advantage that exists in the game from Habanero, which is that it can be played on all devices, both for portrait and landscape mode. The best types of slot games that are often the target of players are London Hunter, Zeus, Prestol, the Dragon’s Throne, Queen of Queens, Juggernaut, and so on.

* Flow Gaming

Even though it is relatively new in terms of the world of betting compared to previous providers. However, Flow Glowing is able to present dozens of online slot gambling games that are focused on the level of player safety. The RTP level embedded in each of the Flow Glowing output slot virtual machines is quite high. This provider also tries to provide game management that focuses on jackpots, bonuses, and game development that aims to provide the best for users. This is proven by the opportunity for FantaSlot members who play slot games from Flow Glowing to have a great chance of winning. In fact, Flow Glowing is also serious and continues to try to develop slot games that can be used on the Android and iOS operating systems.

* Microgaming Slots

As one of the providers of online slot gambling games that has been established since 1994, it is only natural that Microgaming is recognized as the best provider and officially licensed. This is because Microgaming is able to provide the best security guarantees compared to other providers. This slot game provider also guarantees to release the latest slot game products every month, both in desktop and mobile versions. Microgaming’s main priority in creating slot games is maintaining quality for player satisfaction. One way is to provide slot games in various languages, starting from England, Canada and Australia. In terms of sharing, Microgaming has a high social spirit. This is evidenced by making donations to the health, sports and education sectors from some of the profits they receive.

* Spadegaming

Operating since 2008 until now, Spadegaming has launched hundreds of online slot gambling games with jackpot bonuses reaching hundreds of millions. This provider is known as a slot game provider that is easy to win because it has virtual slot machines with high RTP levels. Spadegaming providers also provide games that can be adjusted based on the needs of the operator. Apart from that, Spadegaming is also supported by a sophisticated banking system and payment methods. The level of security offered is also among the highest. Thus, members do not need to worry about their personal data being leaked to other parties because only the account owner can access information.


Even though it has only been established since 2013 and is relatively new, every game released by YGGDRASIL is able to attract the interest of slot gambling players. This is because this slot game is easy to win with a profit of up to 20 x free spins. Apart from that, the jackpot bonus offered is also quite fantastic, reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah. Even so, YGGDRASIL still offers slot games that comply with official licensing regulations and applicable gambling ethics.

* RTG Slots

This one game provider is based in Asia, founded in 1998 and has its head office in Hong Kong. It’s not surprising that the theme being carried is an Asian theme, even in the games released that feature the star Jackie Chan. The jackpot bonus offered by RTG Slot providers has a high enough percentage so that players have the opportunity to win large amounts. That’s why its player base reaches thousands and serves players from all over the world.

* Play’nGo

The next provider of online slot gambling games is known as the provider of the highest quality slot games, namely Play’n Go. Apart from that, Play’n Go is also known as a provider that easily gives wins with low bet values. There are at least 50 more slot game variants that have been released in 30 different international languages.

* Playtech Slots

Since its establishment in 1999, Playtech has carried out various innovations and developments for slot games. It’s no wonder that Playtech is known by gambling players as the best slot game catalog in their field. One of these innovations is the presence of a function that allows players to collect and buy chips in each slot machine spin. The animation that is displayed also looks very cool and of high quality. Apart from that, this slot machine released by Playtech is also accompanied by the convenience of getting a jackpot. Coupled with the facilities in the form of being able to be played on many platforms ranging from computers to smartphones. It’s not surprising that Playtech is included in the ranks as the best slot game provider.

*Joker123 Slots

This is a well-known provider of virtual slot machine products and the best fish shooting games in Asia. The chance of winning offered by Joker123 is quite large and can be accessed on all online platforms. Its specialty is always updating the security system both in terms of appearance and payment in every online slot gambling game offered. Thus, each member can play safely either via a computer, laptop or smartphone. In terms of payment, members are also given several very helpful alternatives. One of them is the presence of a payment method through cutting phone credit for certain providers.

* PG Soft/Pocket Game Slots

The following providers present virtual slot games with stunning storylines, animations and sound effects. The main focus of making slot games from Pocket Game Slot or PG Soft is user satisfaction and speed in playing slots online. Not only that, the promised chance of victory is also quite high with an RTP rate of up to 95%.

* OneTouch

Like PG Soft, the One Touch provider also offers an RTP rate of up to 95%. This makes the online slot game released by One Touch always eagerly awaited by slot game lovers even though this provider has only been operating since 2015.

* Slots88

Even though they have just collaborated with Nexus, the slot88 provider has succeeded in proving to be the best slot game provider. Every game he releases offers various bonuses and huge jackpots with an RTP rate of 96%.

* CQ9 slots

The Asian community is spoiled by the presence of various well-known game providers, one of which is CQ9 which is based in Taipei, Taiwan. The slot games he creates can be played on various platforms, from desktops, laptops to smartphones, with only minimal capital.

* JDB Gaming

If you want to play online slot gambling games with other minimal capital, you can choose games released by JDB Gaming. This is one of the newest and best slot providers in Indonesia. Apart from minimal capital, the advantage that this provider has is the presence of slot machines with small bet values but offering high jackpot bonuses.

* Live22 Slots

This new provider that is on the rise called Live22 has high innovation and creativity. This made Live22, which was originally just a small company, managed to enter the ranks of the most phenomenal slot gambling sites.

* ICG Slots

A provider that doesn’t want to lose in competition and always innovates is ICG Slot. Each slot game provides a fun, exciting and challenging sensation and is designed to be played on desktop and mobile.

* IonSlots

Like other providers, IonSlot presents a variety of interesting slot games and is accompanied by the ease of winning. That’s why, many slot gambling players place bets on slot games released by this one provider.